Systemic Constellation Workshops

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All ConsulToSee workshops have in common that systemic constellation is used as a main tool. Depending on your needs, we organise, among others, family constellation workshops, cross cultural communication workshops and team development workshops. Whatever it is that you are looking for, Dr. Torsten Seeger will put together the right workshop fitting your needs.

Our ConsulToSee workshops are a great tool to

  • Bring people together,
  • Achieve something in a focused and relaxed atmosphere,
  • Learn and explore a specific field of knowledge,
  • Develop something new in a group,
  • Solve together the specific issues of participants.

ConsulToSee Systemic Constellation Workshops

During systemic constellation workshops, we usually work on a specific topic of one or several clients. Here, the other participants get involved by representing parts of the topic of the client himself. This way, they help him to visualise his relationships and give him insights into his different relationships. During this process, the representatives are using their ability to listen to themselves (scientifically called: “Representative Awareness”) to help the client. At the same time, they are benefitting in two ways:

  • They are developing their ability to listen to themselves (or train their representative awareness).
  • They may discover that the representation is helpful for solving issues in their own private or work life.

ConsulToSee Team Development Workshops

What Are You Aiming At?

When it comes to team development workshops, there is usually a certain development goal for the whole team. For example, the desired outcome can be a better understanding between different groups in a team. Another example is developing a catalogue of measures to achieve a goal or the smooth merger of two different teams. So, the outcome of the team development workshops is not as fix as in our learning workshops.

What Tools Do We Use?

By using different tools and exercises, in particular also systemic constellation, the participants acquire a new understanding of their needs, their own ability and as well of their internal relationships. With this new understanding and their own creativity, they are coming up with their own solutions and ways to deal with the original topic.

How Many Sessions Does a Workshop Include?

Particularly for team-development workshops, several events with a time distance are required to review what has been achieved and what has been left to work on.

Other examples for team development workshops are helping to find strategies to successfully talk with parents at school or a workshop for process mapping, as we designed for EuroCham Vietnam.

ConsulToSee Cross-Cultural Communication Workshops

Cross-cultural communication is a topic of ever-growing importance in a world which is getting more and more interconnected. And this becomes even more difficult when it is already complicated to meet in person due to travel restrictions. Cross-cultural communication workshops are dedicated team development workshops that are focussing on communication issues within a team or between different teams. Systemic constellation as a main tool allows the team members to step into different roles and experience what it feels to be in a different position from a cultural background.

ConsulToSee Learning Workshops

During these workshops the participants learn about concepts, use them and share their experiences with others. Here systemic constellation is used as a playful way of learning on certain topics like balancing values, managing conflicts or dealing with limiting beliefs. In such cases the target of the workshop is the learning effect. The learning effect is achieved by teaching, experiencing, sharing and presenting.

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