Our Coaching Services

ConsulToSee is offering both corporate coaching as well as personal development coaching. In either case, a coaching process can only be successful, if you – the client – really want to move forward. Once you have clarified this for yourself, you define your coaching-goal together with Dr. Torsten Seeger. Then you will be ready start your journey.

As a certified coach, Dr. Torsten Seeger will provide an open atmosphere and the tools to support you. Here you get the insights which you need to choose your very own path. Doing your own problem solving and decision taking is crucial because “for problems there are the same strict ownership rules as for real estate.” They belong to you, and no-one else can take them on. Solving them by yourself, is the foundation of your personal growth.

Our ConsulToSee coaching is a great tool to:

  • Work in a focused way on one specific topic,
  • Work on a delicate topic that you want to share with the coach only,
  • Determine the pace of your progress by yourself,
  • Apply what you learned at home and reflect in the next session.

ConsulToSee Tools of the Coaching Approach

Basically, the ConsulToSee coaching approach is classical: in one-on-one sessions you will explore with Dr. Torsten Seeger your path towards your goal. Besides classic questioning techniques, you will experience:

  • Problem solving with systemic constellation,
  • Decision taking with systemic constellation and
  • Systemic constellation of the inner team.

ConsulToSee Problem Solving

Problem solving with ConsulToSee does NOT necessarily mean that you dive deeply into the analysis of your problems. Dr. Torsten Seeger is persuaded that a solution is not necessarily connected to the original problem. He applies this solution-focused approach in corporate coaching as well as in personal development coaching. The advantage is that working on a solution keeps you open for all your resources. Problem solving becomes a way to look into the future rather than a look into the past. Then, the basic question becomes: “What will be there once the problem is gone?”. As a result, your problem solving journey turns into a goal reaching journey. This is more fun and much more resourceful. And during your ConsulToSee coaching you will literally experience this journey with the help of systemic constellation.

ConsulToSee Decision Taking

Going through decision taking with ConsulToSee is never a question of “either or”. We always have to consider going for an “as well as”, whatever this may be. How can we decide, to achieve the advantages of both options? This question opens our senses for new possibilities, just as focusing on a solution in the problem solving process. The same happens, once we also consider a “neither nor”. What if your process of decision taking has nothing to do with the two options you started with? What if it is about something completely different, that you have not thought before? Dr. Torsten Seeger will guide you to take all this into consideration in a natural way.

ConsulToSee Coaching of the Inner Team

Your inner team, this is the different voices that you hear inside you, when you go through a difficult process of decision taking. Those are your different inner personalities, who unconsciously guide you every day. Getting acquainted with them using systemic constellation can be a crucial step in reaching your coaching goal. With Dr. Torsten Seeger, you learn about yourself in a deep and respectful manner. Of course, in corporate coaching you may need to work with different members of your inner team than in personal development coaching. But either way, you learn to deal with them more effectively on the path to your goal.

ConsulToSee Coaching Online

ConsulToSee provides these different ways of coaching also online. With a smooth video connection Dr. Torsten Seeger will guide you on your path towards your coaching goal.

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