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Business Consulting

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ConsulToSee’s business consulting approach is very much inspired by the idea of coaching: we are definitely not the experts in your industry. You are the expert. But with Systemic Constellation, Dr. Torsten Seeger can give you an entirely new perspective on what you know already. It gives you the decisive twist to look beyond all the obstacles that are surrounding you.

Our ConsulToSee business consulting is a great tool to

  • Get a new perspective on your team, your company or your market,
  • Find out, what a ConsulToSee workshop with your team should focus on,
  • Find the root cause for a problem and measures to solve it,
  • Prepare for negotiations,
  • Find out what your surrounding really needs to be more successful.

ConsulToSee Business Consulting for Change Management Processes

We all agree with Jahn Maxwell that “Change is inevitable.” and “Growth is optional.” We hear great stories of those who took on the challenge of change and mastered it. But is it sufficient to take on the challenge? Definitely not: Forgotten are those, who heroically took on the challenge of change ending up in failure and depression.

The reason is that change management processes are complicated “animals”, and when we are a part of it, it affects us directly on an unconscious level. As a result, the chance to make mistakes leading to failure is huge. With ConsulToSee you can step out of your active role in this process and take a new neutral perspective. In the process of Systemic Constellation, Dr. Torsten Seeger will accompany you to face your hidden obstacles and those of your organisation. And facing what you normally avoid to see is the key for a successful change management process.

ConsulToSee Business Consulting and how to achieve Goals

Goals are the final reason for any company, team, department, for any organisation to exist. So, what are the main reasons for an organisation not to achieve a goal:

  1. Parts of the organisation (e.g., team members) have no clarity about the goal.
  2. The internal communication in the organisation does not flow.
  3. The organisation is focussing on the obstacles on the way go the goal and is unable to use its resources.

Within one session, systemic constellation can give you an answer to why it is difficult for your organisation to achieve its goals. Once the root cause is determined you may have already ideas what to do about it. Dr. Torsten Seeger will then support you testing different strategies on how to achieve your goal. This can be extended to a strategic planning process.

ConsulToSee Business Consulting for Organisation Development

The optimal organisational structure and the relationships within this structure are crucial for an organisation to achieve goals in an effective and efficient manner. And relationships and interactions in organisations are usually complex and difficult to see through. With systemic constellation you will be able to understand what is going on in your organisation on a deep level, and which steps you can take to improve the situation. Those can range from modified means of communication to organisational changes. And even the steps you are taking can be simulated with systemic constellation, so you get the best possible outcome. Dr. Torsten Seeger will be happy to assist you on your path of organisation development.

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