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The Journey

Life is a journey. Currently, you are in a place A in your life and your work and you want to get a different place B. Usually, we do this movement by ourselves. We do a step forward, take decisions, move on and finally we arrive at B. But sometimes we do not arrive at B. Instead, we arrive at a place we don’t like. Sometimes, we are moving too slowly or even not at all. And there are many possible reasons, that are not obvious for you.

ConsulToSee, partner for your Journey

When your journey is full of unexpected turns and curveballs there is ConsulToSee to open your eyes. Just contact Dr. Torsten Seeger for a session that will let you see clearer. He will analyse it with you and together you will decide which of ConsulToSee’s different services is the best to support you with. Together, he will make sure that you will arrive faster to a clarity that you would otherwise not be able to get on your own.


PHASE I : Clarification

We clarify, what is the challenge you are dealing with and who is involved
We agree on the process to follow
We agree on the conditions of our collaboration

PHASE II : The Process

and/or a consulting session including a Systemic Constellation
and/or a coaching session with the involved party
and/or a workshop with the involved parties

PHASE III : Summary

Final wrap-up session
Constellation report
 Agreement on follow up

Our Services