Systemic Constellation is a very efficient tool to solve problems. This has been discussed widely since the 1980’s. Several years ago, a research group at the renowned University of Heidelberg in Germany launched the first scientific investigation to proof on the efficacy of this method.

The psychological functioning of 208 people was investigated before and after participation in family constellation workshops. 


The above picture shows the psychological functioning for a control group and a group which experienced a family constellation workshop. For those who attended the workshop, a clear improvement was detected after 2 weeks. The improvement kept even stable after 4 months.

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For further reading:

Weinhold, J., Hunger, C., Bornhäuser, A., Link, L., Rochon, J., Wild, B., Schweitzer, J. (2013). Family constellation seminars increase psychological functioning in a general population sample: Results of a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 60(4), 601-609.