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Surprising Insights about Temperament in Personal Development Coaching

Self-development is all about self-awareness. The first step of Personal Development Coaching is to learn about our temperament. Then, we start taking control of our emotions and reactions. This can partially be achieved via autonomous work…

The Red Pill for everyone: Systemic Constellation

Systemic Constellation is like taking the Red Pill, but very slowly. With every constellation process that you take part, you learn more about yourself and which emotions and sensation really belong to you. You start listening to yourself, do the right thing intuitively and take ownership for your own path in life.

Business Consulting and the Fight of Tradition with Modernity

There is nothing more moving and powerful, than when a daughter can say to her parents: “From now on, I honour you by finding my own way.” How coaching and business consulting can play an imminent role to get there.

Coaching with Clarity – Where is your place?

In our language it is absolutely normal to use relative physical locations to describe relationships. The ConsulToSee coaching approach is making use of this hidden knowledge with systemic constellation.