“Systemic work helped me to become and accept the person I am. I founded ConsulToSee to bring authenticity, fulfillment and success to organizations and people in Vietnam.”

Founder of ConsulToSee

In 2017 Torsten founded ConsulToSee, being the first consultant in Vietnam to focus on a genuine systemic approach.

He was born in Germany and got a master’s degree in engineering from University Erlangen-Nürnberg and a PhD in chemistry from Stuttgart University, both in Germany.

Torsten has 20 years of leadership experience in manufacturing, quality management, R&D and project management with the multinational company SGL Carbon and the renowned German Max-Planck-Society. During this time, he worked in Germany, Russia, France, UK, Spain, Malaysia and Vietnam.

7 years ago, Torsten experienced his first Systemic Constellation. He was so impressed by the results, that he decided to get trained and certified by leading specialists of Systemic Constellation and Coaching, like Monika Wyss, Klaus P. Horn and Matthias Varga von Kibéd with Insa Sparrer.

Our Approach

Our consultancy is called ConsulToSee and it is not a coincidence. We CONSULT you TO SEE your solution by yourself. Dr. Torsten Seeger came to Vietnam to establish Systemic Constellation as a new coaching and business consulting approach. Systemic Constellation allows you as our client to go through a process of physically seeing and experiencing how to solve your particular matter in a best way. You are the expert in your field. We are the relationship experts. With Systemic Constellation, we have the experience and the tool to support you in finding your own solution.

What is Systemic Constellation?

We are all parts of different systems

Most of the tools we are using at ConsulToSee are based on the approach of Systemic Constellation. It has been largely developed in Germany, based on different psychotherapeutic methods. The main idea of Systemic Constellation is that our work, our success, our well-being in daily life is strongly influenced by the systems we are a part of. This system can be our family system, the system of the company we are working for, or just the city community we are living in. We and all other parts of these different systems are inherently connected with each other. This connection is determined by a universal hierarchy and an internal dynamics. So, every step we do has an effect on the other parts within our system.

The influence of the system is hidden

This systemic influence is largely dominating our life but remains unconscious. Here are some examples.

The lack of personal success in whatever area can be rooted in:

  • An unknown loyalty to an unsuccessful member of our family system, or
  • The fact that you cannot see and use your resources.

The lack of success of a working team can be a result of:

  • Missing to honor the internal hierarchies, or
  • An unclear communication of a team goal, which itself is a part of the team system.

Systemic constellation makes the dynamics of a system tangible

Systemic Constellation can uncover the unconscious dynamics of the systems we are a part of. It works by placing physical symbols (representatives) of the system parts relative to each other. This includes you as the client. As a result, a physical picture is created, where you see yourself and your surrounding from outside. Now, the relative physical location (constellation) of the representatives has a meaning or grammar. And, this grammar is universal. It can be analysed. As a result, you see and understand rationally, what was unconscious before. Therefore, we can work with it consciously now.

Systemic Constellation is effective in 2 Ways

  1. The fact that we see something that we did not know before, allows us to change something or act differently later.
  2. By working consciously on a picture of a system, we inherently influence what is unconscious: e.g. balance can be brought back to a system or tensions can be released. This often results in experiencing changes in “real life” after a systemic constellation.

How does a Systemic Constellation with ConsulToSee look like?

1. Decision on Type of Systemic Constellation

Based on the question of the client, the facilitator, Dr. Torsten Seeger, will suggest which parts of the client’s system should be a part of the Systemic Constellation. This will be discussed, and a final setup will be decided on.

2. Assignment of Representatives

The client decides which representative (this can be a person or a physical object) will impersonate which system part.

3. Setup of the first Picture

The client creates the first picture of the systemic constellation by assigning a place in the room and a direction to every representative.

4. Analysis of the first Picture

Dr. Torsten Seeger analyses the first picture with the client and discusses possible implications.

5. Getting Information from the representative Perception

When the representatives are people, they are being asked about their body sensations, emotions and thoughts (representative perception).

6. The actual Process Part

Based on step 4. and 5., Dr. Torsten Seeger initiates a process to improve the situation for the representatives. It includes saying sentences of truth as well as position-changes of the representatives (e.g., movement towards a goal). The process ends, when the representative of the client and the majority of the representatives feel better than initially; or as soon as the client wishes to stop.

7. The final Picture and the Client experience

After the process is finished, the final picture is recorded, and the client will step into the position of his own representative. This is for him to fully experience the final picture after the situation has improved. This is crucial for the anchoring of the experience for the client.

8. Implications and Actions for the Client

The client translates discusses together with Dr. Torsten Seeger the experience of the systemic constellation and it’s implications for the client and his system in real life. They agree on an action plan for the client.


“Torsten from ConsulToSee supported the development of new insights into our team dynamics for several senior team members. The learnings lead to concrete changes. It is important to mention the impact these insights had on the individual development of the people working with Torsten. New opportunities were identified unknown to the people concerned. Torsten’s advanced methodology and execution were of high value to us.”

Willem van Walt Meijer
Managing Director NEDSPICE, Vietnam

“Successful communication is one of the key factors at every educational institution. During the workshop offered by ConsulToSee with Dr. Seeger, the participants gained theoretical insights while being engaged in hands on exercises. The workshop definitely helped to highlight keys for successful communication in a cross-cultural environment with parents, colleagues, and children.”

“I feel lucky that I took almost every workshop in the whole “Listen to yourself” series offered by ConsulToSee. I found many deep insights and helpful tools to resolve the conflicts between my past self and my essential self. This series helped me to have a better understanding of the unconscious part inside myself, then help me to release the feeling of being a victim of my past, and currently improve my relationship with myself and my loved ones.”

Emma Linh Truong Ho
Life Coach

“I took part in a constellation with ConsulToSee led by Torsten and have gained many valuable insights that have proven to be very important and useful for the handling of our HR. I commend the services to anyone who aims to look at a topic from different perspectives.”

Stefan Ewers
Partner – Attorney-at-Law of Roedl & Partner

“I had a great experience just from the last seminar of ConsulToSee, which moved me a lot. Moreover, it gave me a valuable tool to search deeper inside myself and maybe a way out in the near future. I hope this last seminar won’t be the last at all! Looking forward for the next.”

Quynh Le

“To be able to access so quickly to some self-reflection while gaining perspective on how to address certain life issues is fascinating. So calming to know, that in moments of stress and uncertainty, I can safely call upon ConsulToSee and Torsten for some eye-opening systemic constellation advises! And I can see how good it would be when applied to a work environment too!”

Amy Le