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Improving the relationship with everyone

Improving the relationship with your parents, partners, colleagues,…

The relationship with our parents is not always easy. But our parents are our roots. With systemic constellation we acknowledge them as they are and allow them to stay in their power. This may be a long process. By going through it we become able to live our own life freely and in the certainty of the support of our parents and all our ancestors.

With Systemic Constellation you can also look at your relationship with your partner, friends or colleagues from a new pespective. This allows you to see obstacles as chances for your own development.

Problems Solving

Solving Problems

No one wants problems but everyone has some.

With Systemic Constellation you get the chance to see a problem as something that helps you to grow, as something that shows you your strengths and positive qualities.

discard limiting beliefs, access inner resources

Accessing Resources and leaving behind Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are stopping us from having a happy relationship, being successful in our job or just doing what we always wanted to do.

With Systemic Constellation you get the chance to have a look at these beliefs and leave them behind.

discard old die hard behaviour, discard patterns

Leaving behind Patterns

There is something unpleasant that is happening again and again in your life and it is out of your control. For example, you have started a new job many times within the last few years but you always get into trouble with the new boss. Or you have always fallen in love with the same type of person, knowing that it won’t work out.

With Family Constellation you can leave behind such patterns.

make decision, how to take decision

Decision Taking

You know that you need to take a decision but for whatever reason you can not do it.

With Systemic Constellation you can ask your unconscious to go through your decision making process. This will help you to become more clear about the options and brings you to a conclusion in a natural and intuitive way.

“To be adult does not mean to do what you are supposed to do!To be adult means to follow your heart!”

Wilfred Nelles

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