Management Consulting

In contrast to other consulting tools, Systemic Constellation gives you a very fast and direct insight into the dynamics of your issue. Within a session of two hours, you may get information which a two week analysis of your KPIs is not able to do. Here are some examples where we can help:

Change Management Process

Your are planning an important step in your business that will effect your product, your customers, your company. or you are in the midst of such a step and face unexpected challenges.

With systemic constellation you get a new perspective on what pushes you to change and what is stopping you.

Strategy Review and Strategy Development

You are developing or have developed a strategy to reach a certain goal.

With systemic constellation we can analyse how effective the different measures of your strategy paper are. In addition we can simulate a modified plan.


You want to know how your product is received by different customers or you are planning to launch a new product.

With Systemic Constellation you get a Direct insight into the perspective of your customers and your competitors.

Project Management

You are planning or already running a project and would like to know the most important drivers and obstacles.

With Systemic Constellation you get a different view on the situation and its primary success factors. We also can help you to get an insight into the dynamics of the project team. This allows optimisation of the team structure and understand cultural issues.

Intercultural Collaboration

You are collaborating with partners of various cultural backgrounds and different company values or are planning to start a collaboration. Neglecting the importance of cultural backgrounds and company values are the largest obstacles for a successful partnership.

With Systemic Constellation we help you to understand your partners better, enabling you to improve an existing partnership or to be prepared for a future collaboration.

Organisation Development

You want to make your organisation more effective or adapt it to new requirements?

With Systemic Constellation we help you to determine which changes are useful and which are not. In addition, we can simulate the effect of different scenarios, so you are able to choose the one you prefer.

“For problems there are the same strict ownership rules as for real estate.”

Klaus P. Horn & Regine Brick

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