Dr. Torsten Seeger

“Systemic work helped me to become and accept the person I am. Acknowledging is the basis for living an authentic and fulfilled life and I am sure that Vietnamese people can experience and understand this. That’s why I founded ConsulToSee here.”

Torsten has 13 years of leadership experience in manufacturing, quality management and project management with the German multinational company SGL Group. Before this, he was working 6 years in R&D, mainly with the renowned German Max-Planck-Society and Noble-Prize laureate Harry Kroto.

At the age of 43 he experienced his first Family Constellation facilitated by Monika Wyss in Malaysia. This convinced him. As a result, he decided to get trained and certified by leading specialists of Systemic Constellation and Coaching, like Monika Wyss, Klaus P. Horn and Matthias Varga von Kibéd with Insa Sparrer.



Hien Ha Thi

“In 2018, when I first experienced what systemic constellation was, I felt excited and curious about it like everybody else. And the more I know about it, the more value I get for my personal and professional life. And systemic constellation is still amazing me every day by the way it solves people’s problems and bringing value to their life”.
Hien has 4+ year working experience in sales and operations. She used to work for one of the top companies in Vietnam helping her team in operating 20+ retail stores across Vietnam. After that, she joined the first business coaching firm in Vietnam and during that time, her company reached the top 5 global business coaching firm and provided valuable business works to Vietnamese companies and business owners.