Dr. Torsten Seeger

“Systemic work helped me to become and accept the person I am. Acknowledging is the basis for living an authentic and fulfilled life and I am sure that Vietnamese people can experience and understand this. That’s why I founded ConsulToSee here.”

Torsten has 13 years of leadership experience in manufacturing, quality management and project management with the German multinational company SGL Group. Before this, he was working 6 years in R&D, mainly with the renowned German Max-Planck-Society and Noble-Prize laureate Harry Kroto.

At the age of 43 he experienced his first Family Constellation facilitated by Monika Wyss in Malaysia. This convinced him. As a result, he decided to get trained and certified by leading specialists of Systemic Constellation and Coaching, like Monika Wyss, Klaus P. Horn and Matthias Varga von Kibéd with Insa Sparrer.