The method of Systemic Constellation

Our work, our success, our well being in daily life is strongly influenced by the systems we are a part of — be it our family system, be it the system of the company we are working for, or just the city community we live in.

This influence although dominating our life remains unconscious: Lack of personal success in whatever area can be rooted in an unknown connection with a member of our family system. The lack of success of a new product may be a result of an unclear organisational setup in the company system or of failing to honour the history of the company.

The method of Systemic Constellation for Business and Personal life

Systemic constellation work allows us to uncover these unconscious mechanisms. It works effectively by setting up a picture of the relevant parts of a system with physical representatives. This allows us to take an outside perspective. Since the language of such a picture has been shown to be universal, it can be analysed. As a result, we are enabled to see what was unconscious before. Therefore, we can work with it consciously now. This happens in two ways:

  • The fact that we see something that we did not know before, allows us to change something or act differently later.
  • By working consciously on a picture of a system, we inherently influence what is unconscious: e.g. balance can be brought back to a system or tensions can be released. This often results in experiencing changes in “real life” after a systemic constellation.