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The OLD and the NEW

It is the everlasting struggle between the established and the upcoming, between the OLD and the NEW. It happens in every family. When a child is starting his own family with a partner, something NEW is created. And both partners do ideally everything to make it thrive. However, both partners have their roots in different families. And these OLD family-systems are very powerful.

The same happens in business: A successful supermarket chain is starting its own e-commerce company. The e-commerce is the NEW and it is applying completely new technologies and does everything different. However, its roots lie in the still powerful OLD supermarket chain.

Parents have their very own ideas, what is the best for their children. And therefore, it is difficult for a young couple to find their very own way and create something NEW. In particular as long as they are still supported by their parent families.

It’s a struggle

In a similar way, young creative NEW “daughter-companies” are usually financed by their mother companies, and the OLD may still strongly influence the decisions of the NEW.

For a system to thrive, it is dangerous to cut the roots of the NEW. But on the other hand, keeping the influence of the OLD kills creativity, stops renewal and puts the survival of the entire system at risk.

Finally it’s about Priority and Balancing

Therefore, the priority always needs to be on the NEW. But in order to thrive, it needs to acknowledge the OLD as its origin. This may happen through a regular visit or a family shrine. In a business setting it may be an exhibition in the head-office of the new e-commerce company.

And besides the outer symbols, there needs to be an inner movement: firstly, of the OLD to appreciate and take pride in the thriving of the NEW, and secondly, of the NEW to acknowledge and honor the OLD.

There is nothing more moving and powerful, than when a daughter can say to her parents: “From now on, I honor you by finding my own way.”