Projects and also project teams can be considered as systems. And as we know from the great visionary Marshal McLuhan: “Systems are something to look at.”

So how can we have a real look at our projects and teams, so we understand their dynamics and make them more successful?

Systemic Simulation is a very straightforward approach that has been developed over the last 20 years starting in Germany. This approach allows us to watch our project or team from outside. It makes us understand problems and issues just by analysing the grammar of their physical position in the simulation.

In this workshop, TRG Talk – Project Management – Get a new Perspective on your Project and your Team – Systemic Simulation in Project Management, you will learn about dynamics in project teams. You will learn how to create a Systemic Simulation by yourself. With this simple tool:
– You better understand relationships in your team,
– You become aware of your resources and how to use them more effectively,
– You find out more about your obstacles and how to overcome them.
Aside from the event, TRG has a GIFT for you! We will be giving away a Vietnamese translated hard copy of “Leadership Charisma” exclusively at the event.


Time: 8:30-10 am
Location: TRG International, 147 Nguyễn Cơ Thạch, Street, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam