Last night was my first time taking part in Family Constellation – Evening Workshop with Torsten Seeger at Consultosee.

I was experiencing the feeling, connection, conversation among family members in 2 hours. I was chosen to play Father role and another 2 ladies played as Mother and Daughter. Our movement, response, and repeating sentences were asked and instructed by Torsten. For some reasons, I was really into the role and found a part of me that I didn’t know before.

At first, I didn’t feel connected to my Daughter until I looked into her beautiful exotic eyes, touching her arms, and hugging her for a while. Then there was some flow of emotion in my body telling me “how wonderful it is to have a kid. That’s right, I want to have a kid!”. Gosh, I had the feeling of being a real parent though I didn’t want to have a kid before!

It seems like what we repeat (or hypnotise) by words, actions and frequent thoughts are so powerful that it can become so real in such a very short time. So “be careful what you wish for” is not a funny quote. My friend, you’ll get what you want if you make a wish every day 😀

Such a strange and interesting experience that I’d come again to look deeper into my mind and discover hidden thoughts and feeling. Would you like to be my companion on the next time?