Dr. Wilfried Nelles will give an introduction talk and guide a 3-day workshop on invitation of Heart Sanctuary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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From the description of Dr. Wilfried Nelles:

The Life-Integration-Process (LIP) is a new constellation form that I have developed since 2011. It adds something fundamental to the family constellations. In family constellations the focus is on the place of a person within our family (or other systems like nations or religions or organisations), or on the personal relationship of the person to their children, partner or other important people. Clearing these relationships and taking one‘s place within a bigger context has an enormous and positive effect because the strengh and power held in old conflicts is set free. But there is one aspect of our life which is only very slightly touched at the side in the family constellations: your very individual and own life path and your inner mission. This gap is now filled by the Life-Integration-Process.

In the LIP your personal life is in the centre of all attention, it’s about you, your inner purpose, your potential and your growth.

The inspiration for this process emerged from my model of life and consciousness stages I developed and described in detail in my book Das Leben hat keinen Rückwärtsgang (Life Has No Reverse Gear). During the process the client has to be connected with his adult consciousness and from this inner space he looks at his previous life. The former life stages: The unborn child, the child, and the adolescent, are represented by representatives. The client then looks with an open heart and mind but without emotional entaglement at the (unborn and born) child and the teenager he once has been. While doing this he can see the inner vision which his life is following and the challenges which he had to be faced in each particular stage of his life.

In the LIP the focus is not on the past but on the presence. The past is past and cannot be changed – and this is taken serious. Everything that has happened in our life as well as in our family belongs to us, nothing can be undone, and nobody can be changed. Your childhood is your childhood and there is no way to change anything. The only thing that can be changed is the way you look at your life, at your childhood or at your parents. So the whole focus of my work is on the client himself and on the presence.

This is quite challenging because it becomes very clear that the whole responsibility for our life is ours. The crucial point is to look at your own life with love but without compassion and to be able to say lovingly Yes to everything that happened in your life. In this acceptance both the child and the teenager can feel that they are seen and honoured, also and most of all with all the difficult and painful things they have experienced. The entire process can be described as „taking your life to yourself as it was“ or „Embrace Your Life“ (title of my previous book).

On the outside the LIP is a very simple process I solely moderate without any therapeuthical interfering. On the inside however it goes very deep and requires a great maturity. You need to be able to look with love at the pains of the child etc.

The result is a deep integration of your own life and an equally deep and touching recognition of your life mission and the wisdom that guided you. You can see and feel the inner direction and the greater lines of your life and get a clear feeling for yourself and your lifepath.

Just by the way, the process also leads to a completion and conciliation with your parents.

Wilfried Nelles

Date: 20. – 22. October

Time: 9.30am – 5pm