At first, to be honest, even though I found the idea of changing perspectives very interesting, I did not really believe in the process of family constellation and what was expected to happen to both the client and the representative.

However, I was then by chance picked to become a focus in a constellation demonstration, which proceeded to strike me dumb with intense emotions. It was something that I have never ever experienced before. Of course, I had no idea of what the client’s problems were at the time. Yet I have to admit that I felt immensely unpleasant at the peak of the constellation with the feeling of having a big block stuck in my stomach, as if I were the client and I could experience exactly what he felt. It was this first-hand experience that has totally changed my view about family constellations and their truthfulness.

The entire process of constellation was indeed energy consuming because I had to drink a lot of water afterwards. But it was definitely a valuable and unique experience for me, especially at the very end of the constellation when I was standing there looking through the transparent windows up to the blue sky with the absolute feeling of serenity deep within me.